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2016 Application for Board of Directors



DATE:  ________________________


NAME:  _____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  _________________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE:  ____________________________

WORK PHONE:  _________________________

CELL PHONE:  _____________________________

MEMBERSHIP DATE:  ____________________

EMAIL:  ____________________________________________________________________________



According to Joy MCC’s By Laws, “The Board of Directors is responsible for all matters pertaining to the documents of legal organization and incorporation, church property, risk management, and physical and financial affairs of the church. The Board of Directors shall also be responsible for collecting and disbursing funds, keeping adequate church records, and making timely reports to the Congregation and UFMCC. The Board of Directors will offer assistance to the Pastor including guidance and direction.” Members of the Board of Directors must be church members in good standing with a record of service to the church. Positions on the BOD are crucial to keeping the church running, so that the pastor and other ministry teams can attend to the spiritual growth of church members. Board members serve a two-year term and should have an understanding of shared responsibility and collaboration. BOD members must have basic email and word processing skills. The position duties also include counting tithes and making announcements. Expect to commit at least 5 hours per week to the church. 


“The task of leadership is change. Leaders inspire others to their best efforts in order to do better, to attain higher purposes. Leaders are not satisfied with the status quo. They are not satisfied with maintaining things as they are. They are idealists who believe that things can be better. Leaders, therefore, must be change masters. They must understand how to create and guide innovation.”  -- Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Based on Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s description of the task of leadership, how would you describe yourself as a leader?

_____  Excellent

_____  Good

_____  Looking for Opportunities


What strengths do you possess which will help you to fulfill the task of leadership?



What open position are you applying for?  What skills do you have to fulfill this role?



Please give a brief statement of your Christian faith.



In your own words, what is the purpose of Joy MCC?



Briefly describe your understanding of a culture of love, appreciation, trust, and shared responsibility as it applies to Joy MCC.



What do you see as the function of the Board of Directors of Joy MCC?



Why do you wish to serve on the Board of Directors?



Describe your identifiable contributions to Joy MCC.



Please list your experience in managing any or all of the following areas and describe what skills and expertise you will bring to the Board (Non-profit fiscal management, risk management, property and building management, holistic stewardship, and fundraising efforts).



Have you ever been a Board member of this or another church or non-profit organization? If yes, what were your duties and responsibilities?



Briefly describe how you will balance your time and dedication to this ministry with your Spiritual, personal, and professional responsibilities.  Will you be able to commit the time necessary to attend Board meetings and congregational meetings?



Where are you currently employed?  What is your position?  How long have you been employed there?  Briefly describe your job responsibilities:



Can you support the leadership of the present Sr. Pastor?



Does your spouse/partner/significant other support your running for the Board of Directors?



How will you personally ensure that Joy’s mission and vision is upheld?



How do you handle conflict?



Are you seeking this position to represent a particular group within the church?  If so, explain.



Do you have computer access on a daily basis and are you computer savvy?  (This is necessary in order to hold a position on the board.)


Questions to be seen only by current Vice Moderator:



In the last seven years, have you ever been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than minor traffic violations?



Do you have personal problems that involve the overuse of alcohol, stimulants, or habit-forming drugs?



Have your personal debts ever been or are they now unmanageable?




Have you previously been a board member for a non-profit organization? If yes, when and where?




Have you ever been the subject of disciplinary action by an employer or licensing organization alleging sexual, ethical, or any other misconduct?



Have you ever been the subject of ecclesiastical investigation and/or discipline by a church or denomination?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please provide details on a separate attached sheet.

WARNING: By signing this application, you understand and agree than an investigation of any or all of these matters may be conducted by Joy Metropolitan Community Church to determine your continuing eligibility for Board membership. You also understand and agree that you will be subject to an immediate removal from your position if it is later determined that your answer to any of the above questions was false. All employees and leaders of Joy Metropolitan Community Church are subject to a background investigation as required by our insurance carrier and our Bylaws. The questions above will not be published to the congregation, but made aware by current Vice Moderator. 




Authority to Conduct Background Check

Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Name:

Current Address:



Zip Code:


Social Security Number:


Date of Birth:

Driver’s License Number:

State of Issue:

Previous Address (3 year history):

Previous Address (3 year history):


Read Carefully and Sign

Authorization to release criminal history information reports, private companies’ dishonesty, drug offense, or violence reports, or credit bureau reports. For and in consideration of my being considered for service, I hereby authorize Joy Metropolitan Community Church Inc. (Joy MCC) to make inquiries concerning my suitability for service and qualification, including: (i) any public record of any convictions for crimes of violence, abuse, or dishonesty; (ii) any incidents of employment dishonesty, retail theft, or other related acts of dishonesty, violence, abuse, or drug-related offenses reported by any merchant or employer where such acts occurred; or (iii)  any credit bureau reports. I further authorize any government agency where such conviction information is on file or any company (prior company) where such incident or credit transaction occurred, to disseminate such report(s) to JOY MCC. During any period(s) while I may be in service to Joy MCC, I hereby authorize Joy MCC to make further like inquiries as Joy MCC may, from time to time, deem necessary for volunteer or employment service purposes. I also hereby authorize such government agency, any such credit bureau, and any such prior company to issue such reports in response to Joy MCC’s inquiries. I waive any further notice with respect to Joy MCC’s inquiries or with respect to such governmental agencies, such prior companies, and such credit bureau’s report(s). I hereby generally release and fully discharge every such government’s agency, every such credit bureau, and every such prior company from and against any and all liability with respect to, or arising from, the release or dissemination of any such information for such purposes. I understand and agree that my service may be determined in whole or in part, based on the report(s) so issued to Joy MCC. I have been informed and I understand that I may obtain a copy of such report and that I may dispute the accuracy or

completeness of the information reported to Joy MCC by writing to the address listed below.  

(X) ___________________________________________________                    ___________________


Joy Metropolitan Community Church

2351 S. Ferncreek Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806
Telephone: (407) 894-1081 / Fax: (407) 896-6951

Authorized Representative: Rev. Terri Steed Pierce, Senior Pastor

Joy MCC hereby certifies that it is requesting criminal background report(s) and abuse registry report(s), on the applicant named above and that Joy MCC will use that report for
Employment or Volunteer Services screening.

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